April 7: Peg Cain “123 Magic”


Early Childhood Teacher/Coordinator of 33 years!  From Home Provider Care to Preschool Teacher and Child Care Center Director, to Kindergarten Teacher and Preschool For All Teacher and Coordinator, Peg’s background is extensive!  She has never ever stopped believing in play as a child developmental right, and has always referred to parents, as their child’s First Teacher!  Helping parents and other teachers learn how and why to give children guidelines and goals with limits and expectations is usually what she does her speaking engagements on. 123 Magic has always worked for her, and still works today!  She is happy to share the love of guidance.

Make plans to attend Mom2Mom on April 7th and hear Peg’s wealth of knowledge on this topic.  Invite a friend!

March 24: Alicia Karrick “Blessings of a Nightmare”


Alicia (Gurley) Karrick grew up in Robinson and attended First Baptist Church until going to college.  She attended Lincoln Christian University, majoring in Children’s Ministry and Early Childhood Education.  She is the proud momma of twins, Lauren and Judson.  In her spare time, she loves cooking, baking, and Instagram-ing.

Alicia will be sharing with us about her experince with miscarriage and her journey to motherhood.  Many women go through this at some point in their lives or know someone who has, and it can be so encouraging to hear others share their stories.  You will not want to miss hearing Alicia speak on this topic!

March 10th- Dana James “Battling the Pressure to be Perfect”


Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word. Her passion is to see women know God and glorify Him through their lives. She has spoken at conferences, retreats and events as far away as Africa and as close as her own home town. Dana gets excited about meaningful, honest conversation, Dr. Pepper, and spending time with her incredible family. After being a stay-at-home mom, she taught at colleges in Texas and Tennessee. Currently she works at Pier 1 where she loves to connect with women from all over the world! She was not raised in a Christian home yet is a pastor’s wife, a pastor’s mother, and a pastor’s mother-in-law…a testament to the grace and mercy of God! Dana and her husband, Ernie, live in Greenwood, IN where they serve Calvary Baptist Church.

Most women can relate to the feeling of needing to be “perfect,” whether it’s in your job, at home, or in relationships.  You will truly be blessed to hear Dana share on this topic! Join us March 10th from 6:30-8:00 pm at First Baptist Church in Robinson.