September 12th: Lindsey VanSchoyck “Healing a Hungry Heart”

As long as I can remember I have been a worrier, a controller, a self doubter, just unsettled with myself. At an early age of 13 I became obsessed with my image and my weight. I was searching for something to control and for something to fill an empty space in my heart. My parents divorced at a young age, and while my father was an amazing man, he was in the military and I didn’t get to see him much. My grandmother was a preacher, but we didn’t really grow up going to church and my heart always felt like it hungry for something and missing something. I would try to fill that void with binging and purging. This went on for almost 10 years with many failed treatments and a battle with a disease that almost stole my life. Then God stepped in. With the help of a Christian residential treatment center, a lot of prayers, and God placing my husband and my daughter in my life, I recovered. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many ups and downs in my recovery process but God showed that he had a plan for our lives. While I live a blessed life for sure, it has not always been easy. On September 12th I will be sharing some of my story, how God has worked in difficult circumstances and disappointments, and how through it all He has healed my hungry heart.


Join us for the kick off to our 2017 fall semester of Mom2Mom! We will meet at FBC Robinson (301 South Jefferson) from 6:15-8:00pm on Tuesday, September 12th. All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.