November 7th: Amanda Sharma “A Twist of Faith”


What are the chances of having a child diagnosed with a disease that is so rare, that there are roughly 100 cases ever recorded?

Never in a million years did I think that we would have a son diagnosed with a rare illness. Let alone make the hardest decision of our lives to place him in hospice care.

Why would God give us a beautiful son, only to take him away so quickly?
We should be mad at Him.
Are we being punished for something?
But….we’re good people, right?!
So, why do these things happen?

During the most pivotal point in my life, I should have strayed from God.
But, I found Him instead.

God is pretty good at changing our path right when we think we’ve got it all figured out.
I’ve learned that you can either “go” through something or you can “grow” through something.

This Twist of Faith in my life taught me how He had been preparing me for this all along.


Join us on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:15-8:00pm at FBC Robinson (301 South Jefferson) for Mom2Mom! All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.