February 12th: Hannah Reid “Overcoming Mean Girls”


“You can’t sit with us…”

Mean Girls. We encounter them everyday. Teenage girls are the most notorious. However, it starts at an earlier age and sometimes carries into adulthood. Maybe we’ve even been the “mean girl” at some point. But, where does this mindset come from? It’s certainly been an issue for generations of girls.

I think most women have been on the giving and receiving end of a “mean girl” attitude at some point. Maybe you’re raising girls and trying to deal with this problem.

My name is Hannah Reid. I have been married to my husband Trey for 14 years and he serves as the Senior Pastor of FBC Robinson. I have three children, Callie (12), Ashtyn (9), and Josiah (1) and I’m a homemaker and home educator.

After years of serving in student ministry with teenage girls, and now raising two girls, I’ve seen the need to address this subject. It’s so common in our culture and the only way for it to change is for us to make a difference.

Join us at Mom2Mom on Tuesday, February 12th (6:00-7:30pm) as I discuss this topic. I’ll be looking at the root of the issue, sharing examples from the Bible of some of the “mean girls” from Scripture. Then we will discuss ways to deal with this negative attitude in our own lives.

Mom2Mom is open to women of all ages and stages of life. There is free childcare provided. We meet at First Baptist Church of Robinson, 301 South Jefferson St.