March 13th: Gretchen Corn “There is Hope: A Christian Perspective on Mental Health”


Gretchen Corn is a Licensed Professional Counselor residing in Robinson, IL. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, she has lived in Robinson, for almost a decade, with her husband Ryan and children Kayla (10), Dylan (7) and Sarah (5) and two oversized cats. She loves traveling, nature, audiobooks and time with friends. Her passion to walk alongside others in their trials led her to receive her master’s degree in clinical counseling from Eastern Illinois University in 2012. Her degree is waiting to be fully professionally utilized while she focuses on her exciting calling as a stay at home mom.
As a follower of Christ and mental health advocate, Gretchen hopes to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. The National Institute of Mental Health states that 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a given year. The World Health Organization says 1 in 4 families in the world have a mentally ill loved one that they are caring for.
How do we define mental illness and what is our role, as believers, in helping those burdened by these struggles? Changing opinions on mental health is especially challenging within the Christian community where it is often seen not only as a sign of personal weakness but also as an indicator of spiritual problems. What can we do to change this dangerous and painful misconception? Is there hope for them and for the caregiver? Please join us as we learn more about these issues and have opportunity for discussion.


Join us on Tuesday, March 13th from 6:00-7:30pm at First Baptist Church of Robinson (301 South Jefferson). All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

November 7th: Amanda Sharma “A Twist of Faith”


What are the chances of having a child diagnosed with a disease that is so rare, that there are roughly 100 cases ever recorded?

Never in a million years did I think that we would have a son diagnosed with a rare illness. Let alone make the hardest decision of our lives to place him in hospice care.

Why would God give us a beautiful son, only to take him away so quickly?
We should be mad at Him.
Are we being punished for something?
But….we’re good people, right?!
So, why do these things happen?

During the most pivotal point in my life, I should have strayed from God.
But, I found Him instead.

God is pretty good at changing our path right when we think we’ve got it all figured out.
I’ve learned that you can either “go” through something or you can “grow” through something.

This Twist of Faith in my life taught me how He had been preparing me for this all along.


Join us on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:15-8:00pm at FBC Robinson (301 South Jefferson) for Mom2Mom! All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

October 24th: Unchanging Grace “Finding Your Identity in Christ and Not in Your Past”



Unchanging Grace’s mission is to build a better future for the women and children of our community by placing the principles of God’s love as our foundation for a successful life.
We will be sharing our personal testimony of how God has worked in our hearts to lead us to where we are today.
And the conviction on our hearts to bridge the gap for women in our community.


Join us for Mom2Mom at FBC Robinson (301 South Jefferson) from 6:15-8:00pm on Tuesday, October 24th. All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

September 12th: Lindsey VanSchoyck “Healing a Hungry Heart”

As long as I can remember I have been a worrier, a controller, a self doubter, just unsettled with myself. At an early age of 13 I became obsessed with my image and my weight. I was searching for something to control and for something to fill an empty space in my heart. My parents divorced at a young age, and while my father was an amazing man, he was in the military and I didn’t get to see him much. My grandmother was a preacher, but we didn’t really grow up going to church and my heart always felt like it hungry for something and missing something. I would try to fill that void with binging and purging. This went on for almost 10 years with many failed treatments and a battle with a disease that almost stole my life. Then God stepped in. With the help of a Christian residential treatment center, a lot of prayers, and God placing my husband and my daughter in my life, I recovered. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many ups and downs in my recovery process but God showed that he had a plan for our lives. While I live a blessed life for sure, it has not always been easy. On September 12th I will be sharing some of my story, how God has worked in difficult circumstances and disappointments, and how through it all He has healed my hungry heart.


Join us for the kick off to our 2017 fall semester of Mom2Mom! We will meet at FBC Robinson (301 South Jefferson) from 6:15-8:00pm on Tuesday, September 12th. All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

May 23rd: Debbie Knight “Remarriage and Blended Families”


Debbie Knight is married to Tracy Knight and is a mother of 3 grown children and stepmother of 3 and a grandmother of 6 (almost 7!) grandchildren. She has lived in Robinson most of her life and graduated from Lincoln Trail College and Vincennes beauty school.
She and her husband love traveling together and spending time with their grandkids.
Tracy and Debbie were married in April of 2000. By putting their faith and trust in the Lord they have overcome some of the struggles and obstacles that come with remarriage and blended families. They share their story with others in hopes that they can help other blended families get through difficult situations that arise in second marriages.


Join us for Mom2Mom from 6:15-8:00pm on Tuesday, May 23rd.  We meet at First Baptist of Robinson (301 South Jefferson). All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

April 25th: Julie Brooks “Continued Faith and Trust”


Julie Brooks is a wife, mother of four children, 3 grandchildren and is a nurse. She was born and raised in Palestine and graduated as an RN from Lincoln Trail College in 1990.

She is active with the orphan ministry at Highland Church of Christ and attended Outer West Market in Palestine for many years while raising her children.
There were many trials over the years in her personal life and obstacles that were overcome only through the power of prayer, faith and trust in the Lord. God has definitely paved the road for Julie and aligned situations that put her in places where He meant her to be.
She is Director of the Home Health Department at Crawford Memorial Hospital, serves on the board of the Palestine Food Pantry as well as the Good News Daycare in Chicago. She has led numerous mission trips over the years and facilitated the launching of the orphan ministry at HCC. She has a heart for adoption, orphan care, mission and outreach to those in need.


Join us for Mom2Mom on Tuesday, April 25th from 6:15-8:00pm at First Baptist Church of Robinson (301 South Jefferson). All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.

April 11th: Libby Morecraft “Work of Art Ministries: Chalk Talk”

Born in Laurel, MS, Libby Morecraft believes that God wants to use our area of giftedness for His glory. From a young age, her artistic abilities were obvious, and so was her love for Jesus. After winning several ribbons in grade school she pursued art through high school, and then in college. She graduated from MS College with a BA in Art and a minor in vocal music.

In 1987, she married Rusty Morecraft, from Marshall, IL. Together they have served in several areas of ministry in 5 states. They have 4 children, Lane, Drew, Sean and Audree. Rusty pastored at FBC, Oblong for 9 years.

In 2013, Rusty accepted the call as Director of Missions for Saline Baptist Association. They currently live in Harrisburg,IL, where Libby teaches a Senior Adult Art Class through the local community college. She also has “Paint n Pie ” Parties on the side, as we as opportunities to present her art ministy.
Through “Work of Art Ministries” she uses chalk talks, pottery, sculpture, painting and music to share the Gospel of Jesus.

Join us us on Tuesday, April 11th from 6:15-8:00pm as Libby does a “chalk talk.” This is a unique presentation involving art and music that you won’t want to miss! Mom2Mom meets at First Baptist Church of Robinson (301 South Jefferson). All ladies are welcome and free childcare is provided.